Well, we’ve passed the last milestone on the way to being an official high-schooler. Last Wednesday was David’s (and our) last night in the middle school youth group. Starting this coming Wednesday, we will all be in the high school youth group.

It’s only next door, but it’s worlds apart. We’re looking forward to deeper Bible studies, more serious prayer, less babysitting, and more connecting with older teens.

Here’s the cake we bought:

And all of the graduating 8th graders:

David’s in the back. His friend Micah is in the guy you can’t see in the green hat. His friend Matthew has his arms crossed.


One thought on “Graduation

  1. I know I shouldn’t be amazed at how time flees but I am. I can look at this picture and be transported back in time and the tall kid in the back was his father. We were playing basketball, baseball and being wowed by PONG! He and his buddies would run wires all over the house to power up early Mac’s and Lego’s were a massive investment. Hans Solo was a young sprout and Wyatt knew every line in the first Star Wars movie. Chess matches at OMSI & hiking trips where he took apart a transistor radio and strung wire through the trees so we could listen to the Blazers.
    Thanks Buddy

    And in the end it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.
    Abraham Lincoln

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