Christmas Letter

Webb Family Christmas 2006

So, we didn’t do the Christmas letter thing this year, but we still wanted to give a summary of the past year for those who are new to the site.

David finished his eighth grade year and has started his freshman year of high school. We continue to homeschool him and he continues to do well. This past summer was one of the four times Oregon state law requires us to submit test scores for his progress. Those scores showed him doing quite well in a variety of subject areas. In the individual tests he scored at his grade level or above in all cases. Overall, he was graded as doing as well as the average junior in high school would have done on the same test. We’re very proud and quite happy with his progress.

This year has introduced biology, algebra, and other subjects that continue to ratchet up the time and effort commitment we all need to make. David is working through all of these well, if not always with a smile.

Stefanie is still the primary teacher for David’s schooling. Wyatt handle roughly a third of the subject matter, but Stef handles the rest and sets the schedule. The test scores speak clearly that she is doing a great job.

Stefanie has also started to become more involved with the women’s groups at our church. She participated in one weekly Bible study that recently wrapped up and she’s looking forward to the next session after the holidays.

Both of us have continued our time as chaperones/supervisors with the high school youth group at church. Solid Rock Fellowship recently moved to a new building which has given us much more room and a permanent place to meet both on Sundays and Wednesdays. Just being around these kids has been a great experience and forced us to keep our energy up. We regularly get 50-60 kids each Wednesday and sometimes it’ll push over 70. Our church has experienced fantastic growth, but I’m glad to say that our pastoral staff keeps the focus on our relationship with Jesus and our relationships with each other. Everything else is secondary.

Wyatt has added responsibility in many aspects of his life this year. In January, he was promoted to a managing position at his company, Inspiration Software. He manages half of the software developers on the team and has been helping to switch the development process over to something called Agile development. If you’re interested, Wyatt would be happy to point you to some websites to read about it.

Wyatt has also begun leading his weekly men’s Bible study and has joined the ushering team at church. Fortunately, there are enough ushers that he only needs to work one Sunday a month.

We had our first family trip in quite a while this year, too, as we made a quick visit to Disneyland in late October. You can read more about that here. David was old enough that waiting in line was not a problem, but we were old enough that walking around all day hit us pretty hard. Still, a fun time was had by all.

All in all, we find ourselves enjoying every moment we have together. We continue to seek out more opportunities to be involved with church to serve Christ. That attitude has given us a great year with many blessings and we give all thanks for those to our God.

Merry Christmas!

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