Winter Entertainment

Concert Wide Shot

So, I have to give big kudos to David for making this event happen. During this past summer, he heard about two of his favorite bands going on tour together. Switchfoot and Relient K are rock bands known for their uplifting music with Christian overtones.

When I discovered that we could get a discount on tickets if we bought in a group of 10, David was on a mission. He signed up seven other friends (Stef, David, and I made the first three) and asked me to buy the tickets. Once I did, he passed out tickets and collected the money. So, not only did he get to go, but he helped a bunch of friends get organized as well.

We ended up taking David and three of his friends in our own van, but there were twenty or thirty kids from his youth group when we arrived. As you can see from the pictures I’ve posted here, we had a blast!

Oh and a big thank you to Micah Holmes and Abbie Kirkpatrick for taking some of the photos I’ve posted.

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