A Poke in the Eye

Uneven Eyes

On August 25th, David had a bit of a scare. While drumming he turned his head at the same time he was on the upstroke with his left hand. His timing was just right (or wrong) such that he poked himself in the left eye with some decent force. According to David, his first fear was that he’d hit his nose, too, and may have started it bleeding. There was no blood, but in the seconds thereafter, the vision in his left eye quickly clouded up. Stefanie and I were having lunch, so he quickly called us and Stef ran home to pick him up. A trip to the urgent care led to a trip to the optometrist which then led to a trip to a cornea specialist.

The end result was that he had not scratched his eye, which is very common in situations like this. The doctors hypothesized that he blinked just as he hit the eye (which is supported by the fact that his lower eyelid had bruising for days afterward). However, he did cause some internal bleeding in the eye. The leaking red blood cells is what caused the cloudy vision. In the hours after the injury, he couldn’t read the first line of an eye chart with his left eye.

The prescription was to keep the eye dilated for several days to let the internal injury heal, which it appears to be doing. So, the good news is that he will make a full recovery. He’ll go in for a normal eye exam in a couple of weeks to see if his prescription changed, but there appears to be no permanent damage.

During the week of the dilation, though, we found him a little odd to look at. The picture above was one of those nights when it was just strange having a face-to-face conversation.

David has also taken to wearing eye protection when he uses his full size drum kit. He tells us that his first day back on the kit, he wore his chemistry goggles. I wanted a picture of that, too!

Anyway, we offer up praise for God’s healing and an odd picture to remember it by.

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  1. Amen…. glad things are going well. It is rather creepy to see that eye all dilated. But he is healing and that is great!! Careful with those drumsticks…. You might poke an eye out…literally. Take care dude!!

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