The Earth is Warming, So What?

I think some folks may still confuse my position. I do not deny that the Earth has been warming over the last several decades. I happen to think that some measuring mechanisms are flawed and produce skewed data, but generally I do believe that we have been warming. Furthermore, I think that we’ve been cooling again over the last several years. However, my skepticism is that human beings have anything to do with either change.

There is simply overwhelming evidence that the Earth warms and cools all on its own and it happens independent of human behavior. Matt Patterson’s article at Pajamas Media is the most concise summary I’ve seen (thanks to Powerline for pointing me to it).

Make no mistake — the earth has warmed.  Unfortunately for the climate-change catastrophists, warming periods have occurred throughout recorded history, long before the Industrial Revolution and SUVs began spitting man-made carbon into the atmosphere. And as might be expected, these warm periods have invariably proven a blessing for humanity.

In his summary, Patterson nails what I think is the motivation for those pushing the AGW mythology:

Why, then, do otherwise sensible people believe that we are both causing the current warming and that the warmth is a bad thing? To me it seems some grotesque combination of narcissism and self-loathing, a mentality that says at once “I am so important that my behavior is causing this” and “I am so inherently tainted that it must be bad.”

Where does this arrogance and low self-image come from? Well, that is a theological discussion that we should save for another day.

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