Fantastic Claim

Fantastic can mean “amazing, wonderful, and good” and it can also mean “impossible, beyond reality, and of fantasy”. I’m going for the second meaning here as I discuss the claim by the current White House that massive intrusion of the federal government into health care will reduce costs. That’s fantastic (again, in the “beyond reality” kind of way).

This article in Investor’s Business Daily makes the point cleanly.

The idea of expanding the federal role in the medical arena is truly fiscally irresponsible. The claim that money will be saved through government competition with the private insurance system (with government setting the rules!) is the height of fantasy.

If 45 million Americans are now uninsured, that means 265 million are insured privately, and the government should not disrupt that. If the government becomes the insurer of most Americans, the impact on the budget would be absolutely awesome. Rationing of medical care that is so often mentioned would surely result.

Again, I believe the author is using awesome with a negative connotation.

It seems the height of fantasy to argue that the feds can make something cheaper by trying to control the market centrally. It is the height of arrogance to make that argument with a straight face.

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