Twenty Years Ago

I have several specific memories of twenty years ago on this date. I remember laying by the pool at my parents’ home with one of my groomsmen who had flown in from out of town. I remember getting slightly lost on the way to the bed and breakfast where we were to spend our short honeymoon. But, most of all, I remember standing at the end of the aisle feeling vulnerable while I waited for Stefanie to step into the sanctuary. I was nervous. Oddly enough, I wasn’t nervous about getting married, I was just nervous that I would screw it up. The truth was that I wasn’t terribly concerned about the details of the ceremony or the reception. I just wanted to make sure we actually closed the deal and I didn’t ruin the moment for years to come.

Needless to say, it went off without a hitch (aside from the slightly longer-than-planned trip to the B&B). It’s been a fantastic ride for twenty years. I would have been terrified if I had known what was coming, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I also know that the adventure isn’t nearly finished and I’m looking forward to where God takes us next.

Stefanie gave a good summary of the events leading up to our wedding day on her blog here. So, I’ll just mention a very recent story that seems to sum up what a fantastic woman I’ve married.

I’ve been planning for well over a year to buy Stefanie an anniversary band to celebrate our twentieth. I’ve been held up by the fact that I didn’t know her ring size. I started with subterfuge in attempting to get the size, then moved to gentle nudges, and finally resorted to outright requests for her ring size as the date neared. At the same time, we’ve had another big event in our lives form. I will be changing jobs next week to one that’s better for our family, but will mean a lower income. Furthermore, there will be a gap of about four to six weeks where we’ll be living off of savings before my new income starts to appear. This led Stefanie to resist any large purchases, including the ring I had planned. So, she came up with a brilliant idea. She suggested that we buy new Bibles as anniversary gifts for each other.

After just hearing a sermon on understanding the real value of your actions and being good stewards with what God has given you, this suggestion floored me. She had hit the nail on the head. As our lives lead us into closer communion with our God, I’m realizing how blessed I am to be walking side-by-side with my amazing wife. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect partner in navigating life.

Stefanie, I love you more than I have ever been able to put into words. I can’t believe you put your faith in a cocky teenager twenty years ago, but I hope, with God’s strength, I’m providing some justification for that decision. I can’t wait for the next adventure as long as I get to share it with you.

I love you.

P.S. I think I’ll still buy you the ring next year.

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