I’m Baaack!

Well, if anyone is still checking our blog, I apologize for checking out. A few things have changed in our lives since I last posted here that have changed the available time I have to write.

First off, in the middle of August I quit my comfortable, salaried job to do contracting. Why in the world would I choose to do such a thing? A couple of reasons, actually.

First, I will be doing all my work from home. With a more flexible schedule and being home, that means I can more easily fit my part of the homeschooling into David’s schedule. I am now able to work with him after lunchtime instead of trying to squeeze in between the end of my work day and dinner. This has turned out to work pretty well.

Second, I am spending ninety-five percent of my time writing software again. I enjoy managing developers, but I really was getting disconnected and feeling like I was losing my touch. The team I had been managing was working the Adobe Flex which was a technology I had never used myself. Now, I’m writing Mac and iPhone software all day. I’m gaining skill and knowledge in technologies that are vastly more interesting to me and it’s making my work fun again.

The downside for my faithful readers is that I only get paid when I’m writing code and I don’t think it’s write to charge my customers while I blog about my opinions. So, my available time is shrinking. While I will be posting less frequently, I hope to continue commenting on current events and any geeky thing that strikes my fancy.

The other event that changed my free time was that I was made a Deacon at our church. This simply means that they’ve noticed how much I was volunteering and made it official in front of the entire body. I can’t quit now! The day we were officially announced as Deacons, we were all prayed for by the congregation at each service. That meant I got to attend four services that Sunday! Anyway, here’s the video of one of them:

So, God is moving and things are changing and we’re loving every minute of it. Thanks for being patient while I figured out my new schedule and how I’ll be able to share my thoughts.

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