One More Reason

I knew that my teachers in high school and professors in college had different political leanings than I did. I knew most of them voted for Carter, Mondale, and Dukakis. I also believed it had become much worse since I graduated. I had no idea.

Michelle Malkin (another favorite blog) reports on this story about a high school teacher who goes way over the line. It’s bad enough that this fellow clearly has no clue how the world works or how political systems treat their citizens, but he also is unwilling to be swayed by an innocent question.

People often ask, “Won’t David be missing out by not going to school?” I guess he will. He’ll get to miss being the target of propaganda. It’s stuff like this that convinces us that David is much better off being homeschooled.

Missed and Misunderstood

I was sad to see the news today that Dr. Henry Morris had passed away. He was an important figure in the Creation Science community. He was one of my favorites as I learned about the science supporting creationism during my teen years. He will be missed.

This announcement of his passing in Science Daily shows just how misunderstood the entire movement is. The item is titled, “Founder of creationism dies.” Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t the founder of creationism the Creator Himself?

I Found a Brother

I’m not sure why this seemed so important to me, but it does. I stumbled upon the blog of one Gervase Markham who lives in the UK. I learned two things about him that endeared him to me quickly. First, he’s a geek. He works with the Mozilla organization that is responsible for the Firefox browser and other cool software. Secondly, he’s a Christian who really gets it.

His blog is Hacking for Christ.

His statement of faith is one of the clearest I’ve seen.

I love it.


As much fun as it is to watch, I’ve never been convinced that curling is a real sport. I may have just been proven wrong. I think this article describes what may be the stamp of validation that curling needed.

Streaker Runs Across Ice in Curling Match

It must be sport then, right? Now all they need is the guy with the rainbow wig holding a sign that says “John 3:16”.

Over The Edge

One of my favorite blogs, Powerline, has been following this story of how the Democratic party in Minnesota has actually had the gall to tell returning Iraq vets that they are “un-American”. Their crime? These vets are participating in an ad campaign to tell the public that things are going better in Iraq than the press would have you believe.

Aside from just being tone deaf on this issue, I’m amazed that an American political party has publicly said that being supportive of the war effort in Iraq is “un-American”.

I don’t think the Dems are un-American. Just clueless.