Bias? What Bias?

There’s nothing more frustrating to me as a consumer of news than when an outlet purporting to be delivering hard news injects opinion into the story. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of this to find, but this one jumped out at me today.

This article from Reuters discusses a new offensive launched against terrorists in Iraq. There is hard data here like the number of aircraft and troops involved. That’s fine. But the writer has to leave with this little comment near the end:

Security crackdowns were also carried out near Samarra, the site of a bombing attack last month on a Shi’ite shrine that set off sectarian reprisals and pushed Iraq to the brink of sectarian civil war.

Now, the unaware would be worried about a possible civil war. Those in the know would dismiss this line as misleading. The bombing attack referred to was executed by foreign terrorists for the express purpose of trying to start a civil war. And, in fact, the so-called “reprisals” were very few and only carried out by fringe elements. The large majority of folks in that area have encouraged peace and calm because they recognize that a third party is trying to incite conflict.

So, give credit to the Iraqi people for recognizing what’s going on and not be suckered. Furthermore, shake your head in bewilderment at how the press continues to write what they hope and not what’s happening.

David’s Getting Nervous

David has been eagerly awaiting his next game system. He has restrained himself from demanding an Xbox 360 with the hope of a PlayStation 3 coming this year. That’s now looking a little less like a sure thing.

Sony Delays PlayStation 3 Launch

They say they’ll still be out by November of this year, but they aren’t clear whether that’s true for the US. Japan is always their first market, but they may attempt a global rollout at the same time. Missing Christmas would be a pretty big deal so I’m sure they’re aiming for November here, too.

The good news in this article was this bit referring to the use of Blu-ray DVD technology:

So with the new PlayStation 3, consumers would get not only the latest game console, but also the latest DVD technology, for a price that Sony has said will not exceed $500.

There has been much speculation as to the final price of the Sony unit. If they can actually keep to this range, they’ll be in good shape. This will also keep alive the chance that David might actually see one in the next two years.

Using New Technology to Play Old Games

MAME is a very cool project that’s been going on for some years. It allows those who have ROM images of upright arcade games to play those games on their computer under Windows, MacOS, and LINUX. I’ve toyed with it on and off with my Mac over the years. This is a fairly geeky project all by itself, but it gets better.

A separate group of folks are porting LINUX to run on an iPod. (Because what everyone really wants is an open source operating system on their MP3 player.)

Now, take a couple of geeks who are fans of both and you get iPodMAME. Here’s the original arcade Pac-Man running on an iPod Nano:

iPod MAME playing Pac-Man

And for those who want the whole experience, someone is even working on a miniature arcade cabinet.

I love it!

I Can’t Win

Every year Apple Computer holds a week-long event known as the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). This is a conference specifically for Mac developers. I have only been to one. That was in 1995. The only thing I remember distinctly was that during those years it almost always fell such that attendees had to fly to the Bay Area on the evening of Mother’s Day in mid-May. Not a popular time to be leaving on business. I suffered the consequences the year I went.

Now, I am in a position such that I’m expected to go this year. I have been feeling lucky that for the past several years, the event has been in June. I figured I had nothing to worry about.

Today, the dates for this year’s conference were announced. Apple has decided to move it later in the summer. This year it will take place August 7-11.

Stefanie and I were married on August 11.

Pray for me.

Good News

I’ve been a Seahawks fan since the Dave Kreig and Steve Largent days of the mid-80s. It was painful to watch them through the 90s and in the pre-Holmgren days. Last year was the beginning of a payoff for all of that suffering, though. To have actually made it to the big game was the first step.

This was the next: MVP agrees to 8-year deal

As far as I can tell, they’ve kept the core of this team together: Hasselbeck, Alexander, Jones, Hutchinson, Jackson, Engram on the offense and Winstrom, Fischer, Bernard, Tatupu, Hill, Trufant on the defense.

It sure looks like they have a good shot at avoiding the usual Super Bowl loser slump. Here’s hoping I’m watching them again next February.

One More Reason

I knew that my teachers in high school and professors in college had different political leanings than I did. I knew most of them voted for Carter, Mondale, and Dukakis. I also believed it had become much worse since I graduated. I had no idea.

Michelle Malkin (another favorite blog) reports on this story about a high school teacher who goes way over the line. It’s bad enough that this fellow clearly has no clue how the world works or how political systems treat their citizens, but he also is unwilling to be swayed by an innocent question.

People often ask, “Won’t David be missing out by not going to school?” I guess he will. He’ll get to miss being the target of propaganda. It’s stuff like this that convinces us that David is much better off being homeschooled.

Missed and Misunderstood

I was sad to see the news today that Dr. Henry Morris had passed away. He was an important figure in the Creation Science community. He was one of my favorites as I learned about the science supporting creationism during my teen years. He will be missed.

This announcement of his passing in Science Daily shows just how misunderstood the entire movement is. The item is titled, “Founder of creationism dies.” Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t the founder of creationism the Creator Himself?

I Found a Brother

I’m not sure why this seemed so important to me, but it does. I stumbled upon the blog of one Gervase Markham who lives in the UK. I learned two things about him that endeared him to me quickly. First, he’s a geek. He works with the Mozilla organization that is responsible for the Firefox browser and other cool software. Secondly, he’s a Christian who really gets it.

His blog is Hacking for Christ.

His statement of faith is one of the clearest I’ve seen.

I love it.