As much fun as it is to watch, I’ve never been convinced that curling is a real sport. I may have just been proven wrong. I think this article describes what may be the stamp of validation that curling needed.

Streaker Runs Across Ice in Curling Match

It must be sport then, right? Now all they need is the guy with the rainbow wig holding a sign that says “John 3:16”.

Over The Edge

One of my favorite blogs, Powerline, has been following this story of how the Democratic party in Minnesota has actually had the gall to tell returning Iraq vets that they are “un-American”. Their crime? These vets are participating in an ad campaign to tell the public that things are going better in Iraq than the press would have you believe.

Aside from just being tone deaf on this issue, I’m amazed that an American political party has publicly said that being supportive of the war effort in Iraq is “un-American”.

I don’t think the Dems are un-American. Just clueless.


Well, it doesn’t get much busier than this, I guess.

I’m still trying to assimilate the changes associated with my promotion. However, I’m a working manager which means that I’m still writing code. As a matter of fact, I’m in the process of converting the Inspiration products to run natively on the new Intel Macs.

I also have to plan a presentation for this Thursday to explain the work I’ve done to the rest of our team.

While that goes on, our company is preparing to move to a new building about a mile down the road. We have to be packed up and ready to go by 5pm on Friday the 24th.

Oh, and just to add some fun at home, I’m working on a new website for Dad, leading David through pre-algebra, and trying to squeeze in a little Olympics watching when I can.

Whew! I’ll let you know how the week goes.


Well, I had some good news today. Here’s the email from our CEO that says it all:

I’d like to announce some changes in the R & D organization:

Jason will be changing positions as he is moving to the newly created “Principal Developer” position. Technology and the marketplace are changing fast. Jason will be helping me set the technical direction of the company. He will work on the most complex technical projects and provide technical leadership to the entire organization. Jason has been with the company 12 1/2 years and has vast institutional knowledge. Over those years, I have developed a high regard for Jason’s technical skills and judgement. He will be reporting to me as we continue to work together.

I am promoting Wyatt to Programming Manager. All of Jason direct reports will now report to Wyatt. Wyatt has earned all of our respect during his 3 years at Inspiration working on our products. During that time, he has learned our technology and is now leading our move to Agile methodologies. Prior to working at Inspiration, Wyatt was Director of Engineering at Riverdeep/Edmark. He brings a wealth of experience to Inspiration.

Please wish Jason and Wyatt success in their new positions.


So, I’m back to managing again. The manager jokes may now commence.

We’re Back!

Well, we’ve let our site collect dust for a few months, but that was only because we were planning an overhaul. This blog is the result of those changes.

We will be adding pages to show our picture galleries in the near future.

The best news, though, is that it will be much easier for us to keep you up to date with what’s going on and share other random musings.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!